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Please contact the accommodation provider direct using the web site,

we do not act as an agent for booking accommodation on the isle of Mull.

contact us only if you are an accommodation provider, and you are looking for information about becoming a member and adding your property to the Accommodations Mull web site.

Jim Spence

Jim Spence
Isle of Mull
Telephone: 01688 400507
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email jimandpatspence@gmail.com


About Us

Accommodations Mull is run by Jim Spence,

Jim lives on the isle of Mull and has been involved in Self Catering Tourism for more than 30 years, he has been building and promoting web sites for more than 19 years.

Accommodations Mull was created sometime around the winter 1994 to promote holiday Accommodation on the island of Mull.
From these early days the web site has remained in constant development making use of the latest web practices and technologies.
Accommodation Mull has a fairly narrow focus - promoting accommodation on the isle of Mull - and does not compete for rankings with other Scottish / UK Accommodation promotion web sites, The site therefore enjoys high page 1 rankings with the Google search engine, in searches for e.g - accommodation on the isle of Mull. Extra advertising is used such as, Google adwords campaigns.

The concept is straight forward, stick to promoting Accommodation on Mull and nothing else.
The challenge, keep the pages as simple as possible whilst presenting the information in an interesting way and keep load times to a minimum.

Visitors to the web site are presented with a clean page with an attractive map of the island. Visitors first choose a category of accommodation e.g. Self Catering, Bed and Breakfast hotelsand guest house or Wildlife trips; this then loads an overlay showing the location of these types of properties on the island Map, on mouse-over the property locators, a picture of the holiday property appears, and if the visitor clicks on the picture they are taken to web page full of information about the holiday property.

Accommodations Mull also has a Late Availability page where members can advertise any Last Minute Availability, Cancellations or Special offers.

There is also a popular feature which allows visitors to send one general email enquiry off to all the Accommodations Mull members, - without enquiries we can not generate sales.....


This web site and many others promoting Accommodation on Mull are designed by Jim Spence, contact me if you would like to have a web site built for your enterprise using latest web practices and principles.

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